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Smart, professional Miami property management services

When investing in a property far away from home, you need someone you trust to take excellent care of your property and provide smart, professional advice.

Mikisolé Property Management will make sure that all the local rules and regulations are respected and that all day-to-day issues are handled promptly and professionally. Our comprehensive property management services include:

Recommend the most appropriate insurances for your real estate investment, including content and liability, as well as warranties on appliances and repair services. In the event of a claim, Mikisolé will handle all the details, including filing the claim and coordinating any repairs with the insurance provider.  

Build and maintain an excellent relationship with the condominium management and board. This includes attending meetings, as well as receiving and responding to notifications from the management and board.

Perform complete and ongoing property maintenance. Mikisolé Property Management conducts regularly scheduled status checks and provides constant feedback to owners. When repairs need to be made, Mikisolé Property Management will coordinate all repairs using its carefully selected list of contractors, all of which are certified, licensed and insured.

Financial management and bookkeeping of your investment (unit and company):

  • Collection of incomes and disbursement of all expenses (such as condominium association fees, repairs and cleaning, insurances and property taxes, etc.)
  • Providing you with a precise monthly financial report detailing all  incomes and expenses of the month. 
  • Providing complete end-of-the-year electronic files with all monthly reports, receipts, and necessary documents,  ready for US annual taxes declaration.

Serve as your single point of contact for your investment, maintaining and consolidating all documents related to your investment and providing access to our carefully selected list of attorneys, accountants and other important professionals.

Mikisolé Property Management property management services are quoted on a fixed monthly basis depending on required services. Services are available starting from $80 per month. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!